Social Logins

Social logins are allowed as alternatives to creating a new login and password through the MatterialX site and are used to help drive membership growth and usage of MatterialX.  No emails or personal information obtained through those or any login processes on MatterialX will be shared outside of MatterialX. Who needs another password to remember anyway?

Social Networking

Users on MatterialX are able to connect their MatterialX profiles to their preferred social networks to allow other MatterialX members various methods of reaching them and connecting with them.

Social Sharing

MatterialX’s main purpose is to give its users a place to catalog there material objects and possessions and be able to share those with friends, keep them private or show them off to the world. In socializing their stuff, we believe users will be able to make smarter buying decisions and easily get reviews on products and things they want through reviews from people they actually know and trust. To enable this, there are social share links throughout all parts of MatterialX that will allow users to share MatterialX content with their favorite social sites.

Social Privacy Methodology

Privacy settings for MatterialX implements the Follower method of connecting with others. Unlike a Friending site, each user can view other users profiles and choose to Follow them or not. Users can also choose to make their profile private and can elect to remove their profile from the member directory by editing their account. Each user can also choose to be notified of new followers.

X Privacy

Xs are the Items that will be cataloged in Collections on MatterialX. Similar to uploading photos into an online album, each user can create as many collections as they will ever need and can add an unlimited number of items (or Xs) to them. These items can be found by multiple methods including:

  • browsing or searching Groups and Categories
  • browsing or searching for individual Brands
  • browsing or searching the member Collections

Privacy levels can be set for a Collection and also for the individual X within each collection. This allows the user to store anything they have ant not have to worry about everyone seeing everything or having to maintain additional collections allowing them to still be organized so that they can see every one of their own collections and Xs regardless of the privacy setting.
There are three levels of privacy that can be set for each collection and also for each X within that collection:

  • Anyone

  • This is the default privacy level for both collections and Xs. When a collection is set to Anyone, that means exactly what it says. It can be seen by anyone who is a member of MatterialX. Same goes for setting an individual item or X to Anyone. It too can be seen by anyone.

  • Followers

  • Because most people will share their collections with people they know and trust and because MatterialX uses the Follow method, the Follow privacy level will allow a user to see the collections and Xs of another user if, and only if they FOLLOW EACH OTHER. When a person follows another user, they are only allowed to see the collections and Xs of the other user after that other user follows them.

  • Private

  • The Private privacy level can only be seen by the X or collection owner. If a user tries to view an X or collection that is marked private and they are not the owner, they will be denied (even if they know the unique url for that collection or X).

Privacy Hierarchy

As mentioned above, it is possible to intermingle Xs with different privacy levels into the same collection. And as collections can have privacy levels too, there must be one that takes priority over the other. In this case, the collection privacy takes precedence.

Privacy Example

So for example, let’s assume a user has two collections, Collection A and Collection B, respectively. Collection A is set to Followers while Collection B is set to Private. Now let’s assume there are three Xs in Collection A, each one with a different privacy level. And let’s assume there are three Xs in Collection B, all marked Anyone. In this example, the following is true:

  • A user who is not considered a Follower of the user in the example (they are not BOTH following each other) will not be able to see any collections or Xs from that user.
  • A user who is considered a Follower of the user in the example (both following each other) will be able to see only Collection A, and only the two Xs marked Anyone and Follower.
  • Even though Collection B has three Xs marked Anyone, because the Collection they are in is market Private, no user will be able to see them.
  • Only the user in the above example will be able to see all three Xs in Collection A and all three Xs in Collection B.