You can search for your X by Brand, by Group or by browsing other members collection that you have access to. Once you find it, just click it to add it to one of your collections.  When adding your X, you'll be able to make it anyone, followers or private.  If you don't find your X, it means it hasn't been added to the site yet, and you can be the first to submit it to be added.
An X is a material object that you can represent with an object image and store it in a collection, like a photo in an album.  On MatterialX, every X has three major components: brand name, category name and item name. Also to note, all category names will belong to a broader group name. You can create your own groupings by creating collections.
MatterialX is a website application that allows you to store, share and view your material possessions in an online experience.  Once you buy that new cool device and you want to let others know about it, MatterialX is where you can do just that.